Up & Coming Events!

So we’re really keeping ourselves busy at the moment, we have two events to run past you!

Firstly is on the dreaded Friday 13th April!

French Apéritif Evening with UK Brand Ambassador Clotilde Lataille

We will be showcasing some amazing french brands Byrrh Grand Quinquina and Suze d’Autrefois with a special cocktail menu and have the UK brand Ambassador Clotilde Lataille on hand to share her experience and knowledge!

This evening promises to be a great introduction to how we use classic french sprits in modern cocktails! Reservations not necessary, but recommended.

The second event – and it’s a big one!

An Evening Inspired by Studio Ghibli

We have been inspired by so much when making drinks, Studio Ghibli inspired us to create one of our best selling cocktails so we’ve decided to devote a whole night to them and Hayao Miyazaki.

We will be showcasing 5 drinks through the event each inspired by a different Studio Ghibli film, as well as some interesting pairings all whilst listening to the beautiful music of Joe Hisaishi.

Tickets are £30 (£5 Discount with IB card and code IBGhibli)

The event is filling up quickly! Order your tickets here Don’t be disappointed!

In Collaboration with Nikka Whisky

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