Best bar In the Midlands?!

Over the moon to have been nominated for Best Cocktail Bar in the Midlands!

For those who don’t know…
The Midlands Food, Drink and Hospitality Awards was borne out of the Birmingham Food, Drink and Hospitality Awards which, due to popular demand, was expanded to include the whole of the Midlands’ great and deserving eateries.

Once known for the Industrial Revolution, the Midlands has undergone a complete transformation and now boasts numerous booming sectors, including business, technology, leisure, engineering and of course hospitality. With so many great eating establishments ranging from English dishes to Indian, Chinese, Thai, Lebanese, Italian, Turkish, Mexican and even more, there will be no shortage of worthy winners at the inaugural MFDH Awards.

We’ve been nominated along side our friends at Aluna, 400 Rabbits and The Edgbaston Boutique Hotel!

If you like what we’re doing and want to support a small independent, please vote!

Up & Coming Events!

So we’re really keeping ourselves busy at the moment, we have two events to run past you!

Firstly is on the dreaded Friday 13th April!

French Apéritif Evening with UK Brand Ambassador Clotilde Lataille

We will be showcasing some amazing french brands Byrrh Grand Quinquina and Suze d’Autrefois with a special cocktail menu and have the UK brand Ambassador Clotilde Lataille on hand to share her experience and knowledge!

This evening promises to be a great introduction to how we use classic french sprits in modern cocktails! Reservations not necessary, but recommended.

The second event – and it’s a big one!

An Evening Inspired by Studio Ghibli

We have been inspired by so much when making drinks, Studio Ghibli inspired us to create one of our best selling cocktails so we’ve decided to devote a whole night to them and Hayao Miyazaki.

We will be showcasing 5 drinks through the event each inspired by a different Studio Ghibli film, as well as some interesting pairings all whilst listening to the beautiful music of Joe Hisaishi.

Tickets are £30 (£5 Discount with IB card and code IBGhibli)

The event is filling up quickly! Order your tickets here Don’t be disappointed!

In Collaboration with Nikka Whisky

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Win a free round!

Japanese Milk Punch, cocktail, Yuzu, Japan, Sake, Akashi Tai

We’re giving away a free round of cocktails (or Mead!) to 1 lucky winner this month! All you need to do is sign up to our newsletter (in the menu to the right or here) and we will be picking a winner at the end of the month!

We promise we won’t be spamming you, we plan to send out 3/4 emails a year and maybe the occasional event invite (like our studio Ghibli evening we have in the pipeline….hint hint)!

We’ll also be keeping you up to date with any changes we make, such as our opening hours which we have now extended:

Wednesday: 4pm – 11pm
Thursday: 4pm – 11pm
Friday: 4pm – 12pm
Saturday: 1pm – 12pm

New Cocktail!

This week sees the arrival of our long awaited Japanese Milk Punch! Designed in a true Japanese style, light, delicate but full of layers.

The main ingredients being Akashi Tai Honjozo Tokubetsu Sake & Ginjo Yuzushu, what does this mean?

Honjozo Sake has a rice polishing rate of 60%, this means they take 40% of the outer shell of the rice away to expose more of the starchy centre of the grain. Then a small amount of brewers alcohol is added to the final product.

Yuzu is a fantastic ingredient which we’re slightly obsessed with! Sweet, sour & sherbety Yuzu is a type of Japanese lemon, commonly found in Japanese and Korean cooking, we’re using a Sake based Yuzushu made from blending Yuzu juice, sake, alcohol and sugar. Yuzu is known for its oils which contain the majority of it’s flavour, hence the bottle is left unfiltered and needs a shake before usage.

The Japanese Milk Punch is available from Wednesday 4th while stocks last!

Japanese Milk Punch, cocktail, Yuzu, Japan, Sake, Akashi Tai
Japanese Milk Punch

Easter Weekend Shenanigans with Fernet Branca!

We’re excited to celebrate our first bank holiday with the illustrious Branca Family!

Our celebrations begin on the 28th March and will continue through to Easter Sunday; when we will be introducing the world to some of our favourite brands, such as Fernet-Branca, Branca-Mentha, Antica Formula and Caffe Borghetti!

We’ll be sporting our regular classic cocktails on the menu while also showing off a whole new menu, designed for Easter bank holiday only!

Pictured: The Bartenders Handshake
Photography: Pixel Pro Media

Fernet & Coke – £4.5

Mentha & Soda – £4.5

Antica Spritz – £9
Fruity Red – Elderflower – Fizz

Our take on the Aperol Spritz but slightly sweeter and more fun.

Bartenders Handshake* – £7.5
Saffron – Mint – Lime – Almond – Honey

Amaro seem to have a bad rap, but this is one of the best drinks we’ve ever had. We’d love to say we created it, but we didn’t. Nonetheless, we want you to try it! Try not to quaff it down as it’s more alcoholic than you’d think!

Grappahopper – £8
White Chocolate – Mint – Cream

A grasshopper is a sweet, mint flavoured, after-dinner drink. The name of the drink derives from its green colour. Ours is more brown, but tastes better.

Life is Bitter* – £8
Pineapple – Coconut – Hard Spices

Tropical drinks always pair great with spices like Cinnamon, Clove etc. We’ve taken the most Tropical drink there is and packed it full of Fernet – Spiced Coconut Pina Colada goodness.

Yuzu Spritz* – £8
Lemon – Sherbet – Zesty & Fizzy

A Japanese lemon that we’re a bit obsessed with, Yuzu have amazing oils which are full of great citrussy aromas – a cross between Grapefruit and Mandarin with hints of Bergamot and Lime. We’ve mixed our favourite liqueur and spritzed it up.

Café Branca* – £7.5
Condensed Milk – Coffee – Nutmeg – Chocolate – Cinnamon

Not your every day coffee cocktail, but a corker non the less! The strong Italian espresso liqueur will keep you going all night.

* Cocktails £7 with Independent Birmingham Card

Our updated opening times for the week are below:

Wednesday: 4pm – 11pm
Thursday: 4pm – 11pm
Friday: 4pm – 12pm
Saturday: 1pm – 12pm
Sunday: 4pm – 12pm

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