Easter Weekend Shenanigans with Fernet Branca!

We’re excited to celebrate our first bank holiday with the illustrious Branca Family!

Our celebrations begin on the 28th March and will continue through to Easter Sunday; when we will be introducing the world to some of our favourite brands, such as Fernet-Branca, Branca-Mentha, Antica Formula and Caffe Borghetti!

We’ll be sporting our regular classic cocktails on the menu while also showing off a whole new menu, designed for Easter bank holiday only!

Pictured: The Bartenders Handshake
Photography: Pixel Pro Media

Fernet & Coke – £4.5

Mentha & Soda – £4.5

Antica Spritz – £9
Fruity Red – Elderflower – Fizz

Our take on the Aperol Spritz but slightly sweeter and more fun.

Bartenders Handshake* – £7.5
Saffron – Mint – Lime – Almond – Honey

Amaro seem to have a bad rap, but this is one of the best drinks we’ve ever had. We’d love to say we created it, but we didn’t. Nonetheless, we want you to try it! Try not to quaff it down as it’s more alcoholic than you’d think!

Grappahopper – £8
White Chocolate – Mint – Cream

A grasshopper is a sweet, mint flavoured, after-dinner drink. The name of the drink derives from its green colour. Ours is more brown, but tastes better.

Life is Bitter* – £8
Pineapple – Coconut – Hard Spices

Tropical drinks always pair great with spices like Cinnamon, Clove etc. We’ve taken the most Tropical drink there is and packed it full of Fernet – Spiced Coconut Pina Colada goodness.

Yuzu Spritz* – £8
Lemon – Sherbet – Zesty & Fizzy

A Japanese lemon that we’re a bit obsessed with, Yuzu have amazing oils which are full of great citrussy aromas – a cross between Grapefruit and Mandarin with hints of Bergamot and Lime. We’ve mixed our favourite liqueur and spritzed it up.

Café Branca* – £7.5
Condensed Milk – Coffee – Nutmeg – Chocolate – Cinnamon

Not your every day coffee cocktail, but a corker non the less! The strong Italian espresso liqueur will keep you going all night.

* Cocktails £7 with Independent Birmingham Card

Our updated opening times for the week are below:

Wednesday: 4pm – 11pm
Thursday: 4pm – 11pm
Friday: 4pm – 12pm
Saturday: 1pm – 12pm
Sunday: 4pm – 12pm

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