8th June 2019


The Mead Boutique @ The Vanguard

All are available to buy from The Vanguard to take away, gift bags and vouchers are also available please speak to a member of staff. 

Price List

Gosnells 33cl £4.50
Gosnells Hopped 33cl £4.50
Gosnells Citra Sea 33cl £4.50
Mead District 33cl £4.99
Boozy Bees 33cl £4.99
Shire Sparkling Mead 20cl £5.99


Modern Mead Co 75cl £18.99 (Coming Soon)
Lyme Bay Traditional Mead 75cl £18.99
Lyme Bay Traditional Flagon 50cl £12.99
Lyme Bay Tournament Mead 75cl £18.99
Lyme Bay Garden Mead 75cl £18.99
Lyme Bay Rhubarb 75cl £18.99
Lyme Bay Black Cherry 75cl £18.99
Lyme Bay Chilli 75cl £18.99
Apothecary Black Phillip 50cl
Apothecary Summerisle 50cl
Afon Mel Heather 75cl £19.99 (Coming Soon)
Lancashire Odin’s Mead 70cl £19.99 (Coming Soon)
Mountain Mead Telor Y Coed 50cl £19.99 (Coming Soon)
English Heritage Mead 75cl £24.99
Shire Mead 75cl £24.99

As mead isn’t an everyday product sometime our stocks may run low for a while, please know we’ll be doing everything we can to get them back asap!