The Christmas Menu

The time has come for us to release our very first Christmas menu, so let’s get in the festive spirit – with some festive spirits!

You will find a Christmas story that will be slowly released via our Facebook and Instagram page. Every drink is based on a character that you would find at a Christmas party, and every single cocktail on the Christmas menu has an equally delicious vegan alternative.

Chase Marmalade Vodka – Mulled Wine (v) – Christmas Spices

First up we have the “Pity Invite”. We all know this character, the ones that tug on your heartstrings with their big puppy dog eyes as you’re explaining all of your exciting holiday plans. If you don’t know this person we are sorry to say that it’s you…

Makers Mark – Baileys Pumpkin Spice – Homemade Eggnog – Coffee (vegan alternative available)

Next up is “The Basic Bitch” with her pumpkin spiced latte, Michael Kors handbag and saggy Ugg boots, Daddy can buy you all the things in the world sweetheart but he can’t buy you a personality. She’s the one most likely to get engaged on Christmas day with a Pandora ring.

Roku Japanese gin – Gabriel Boudier Coings  – Brenne Whisky – Dessert Wine – White Grape

“BAH HUMBUG” complains that old wanker slouched in the corner. They always have something negative to say “christmas is just for consumers nowadays!” or “Christmas cards are a ripoff! no one even reads them, then they go in the bin”. This one is for you Scrooge.

Courvoisier VSOP – Cherry – Chocolate (v) – Raisin

In walks a stunner, an absolute 10 out of 10, with legs for days and long silky hair. It’s just a shame she’s your first cousin. It’s the “Pretty Girl”.

Smokey Laphroaig Whisky – Hazelnut – Maple – Butter (v)

“You don’t believe in Santa anymore, do you?” he asks an unsuspecting 4-year-old between snorts of whiskey. Not anymore, Uncle Greg. Not anymore.

Johnnie Walker Black – Cold Brew Coffee – Tonka – Dark Chocolate (v)

The Queen’s speech hasn’t even been on the telly yet and Jeff is already slurring his words and tripping over the dog. Somebody get “Pissed Up Jeff” a black coffee – quick!

Hot Chocolate (vegan alternative) – Cotswolds Creme (v) – Brugal 1888

Sat there in their Christmas jumper, sipping on hot chocolate and insisting that everyone wears their christmas cracker hats. “The Traditionalist”Scrooge’s worst enemy.

Evan Williams Bourbon – Orange Cognac – Caramelised Banana – Spices

The Christmas perv. He doesn’t care if the pretty girl is his first cousin or if his fathers’ new wife is technically his stepmom, he’s a red blooded male and boys will be boys. When the mistletoe’s out he’s sure to be about.


All of these drinks plus more will be available from Wednesday 7th November with prices being between £8 and £9 so they are a bargain as well as delicious.

See you there.

Brocktails! Be in it to win it!!

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